Welcome to dr. zhark mobs wiki! this wiki is about drzhark's mo' creatures mod for minecraft. today is 28 july 2014 there are 176 articles on our wiki!. Compatible with minecraft 1.6.4 and minecraft 1.7.2 this mod adds more creatures to the game. we have a new website!! please check it here: http://mocreatures.org/home. You might have heard about dr. zhark’s mo’ creatures mod. it’s a popular mod in the minecraft community, both for its depth and for the mod creator’s.

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Mo ’ creatures mod installer minecraft 1.6.2 – updated, This mod adds creatures game. ’ heard mo’creatures . additions add minecraft. Mo’ creatures mod minecraft 1.7.9/1.8.1/1.8.2, Mo’creatures mod minecraft 1.4.8/1.4.7. tool minecraft adds spectacular creatures minecraft. previous version mo’ creatures. How install mo' creatures mod - minecraft: 1.6.4 - youtube, ☢likes appreciated!☢ forge: http://bit.ly/174p3h0 mo'creautres mod: http://bit.ly/gy21hy custommobspawner: http://bit.ly/15xh2hx guiapi: http://bit.

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