Links to international news sources and columnists.. Border breakdown: report: people entering illegally far outnumber newborn americans in tx lt. gov: 80-85% of illegals are not unaccompanied kids. Book: bill's secret mistress, the 'energizer' book: clintons lobbied ge to get rid of msnbc shuster israelis tried blackmailing bill with lewinsky tape.

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Drudge report 2014®, Usa warns travel israel, gaza update: 7 idf soldiers killed 'resistance' defeat israel: hezbollah chief arab rifts complicate search. Drudge report 2014®, Book: bill' secret mistress, 'energizer' book: clintons lobbied ge rid msnbc shuster israelis blackmailing bill lewinsky tape. Drudge archives - drudgereportarchives. © 2014, Matt drudge internet journalist muckraker. drudge' web site, drudge report (begun 1994), consists primarily links stories politics.

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