Calculate a device's true power as a function of its voltage and resistance using the equation "p = (e^2)/r," where "e" is the electricity's voltage in "volts" and "r. How do i calculate motor power?. a motor is a junction between electrical and mechanical energy. it takes an electrical input and converts it to rotational energy. 1. determine how many volts the power company is supplying. this varies, usually, between 110v and 120v. so it’s ok to just use 115v for calculating..

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Honda generators - power ?, How power ? home applications; recreational applications; industrial applications; determining power required appliance. convert . How calculate suitable capacitor size farads, A 3 phase, 5 kw induction motor p. (power factor) 0.75 lagging. size capacitor kvar required improve p. (power factor) 0.90?. How calculate load kw - answers., Single phase formula kw = pf/1000. phase kw = 1.73 pf/1000. pf = power factor. .9 pf answer close..

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