How long should i wait before spaying a dog? i have a 5 month old female pit bull how long do i have before i need to have her spayed?. How many times should my dog mate while shes in heat to make sure she becomes pregnant? and what day of her being in heat should i mate her?. My dog had puppies exactly one week ago. i have been wiping her down with a warm wash cloth, since i was not sure about when i could bathe her..

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How long spaying dog run & jump? | ehow, How long spaying dog run & jump?. spays united states involve removal ovaries uterus. type surgery, female. How long dog bleed giving birth ? - blurtit, You months dog give birth pups pregnancy? breeding dogs. duration pregnancy dogs 2 months.. My vet recommending wait pups 1st, My vet recommending wait pups 1st heat cycle spayed???.

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