Topics covered: electric field field lines superposition inductive charging dipoles induced dipoles. instructor/speaker: prof. walter lewin. Physics 227: lecture 2 coulomb’s law, superposition, electric fields, field lines • lecture 1 review: • all your questions are answered on class web pages: sakai:. Qualitative description . the electric field is a vector field. the field vector at a given point is defined as the force vector per unit charge that would be exerted.

Magnetic fields produced by electric currents
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Physics II; Electricity and Magnetism
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Lecture 3: electric flux gauss' law | video lectures, Today ' work concept concept electric flux. long . started coulomb' law.. Magnetic field - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A magnetic field magnetic influence electric currents magnetic materials. magnetic field point direction . Chapter 16 electric charge chapter 16 electric field, 7 16.8 field lines summary field lines: 1. field lines direction field; field tangent line. 2. magnitude field .

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