Lido anthony "lee" iacocca is an american businessman known for engineering the ford mustang and ford pinto cars, being let go from ford motor company, and his. Bruce lee was born on 27 november 1940, at the chinese hospital, in san francisco's chinatown. according to the chinese zodiac, lee was born in both the hour and the. Shelton jackson "spike" lee (born march 20, 1957) is an american film director, producer, writer, and actor. his production company, 40 acres and a mule filmworks.

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Brandon lee - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Brandon bruce lee (february 1, 1965 – march 31, 1993) american actor martial artist. son martial arts film star bruce lee grandson. Harper lee - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Nelle harper lee (born april 28, 1926) american novelist 1961 pulitzer-prize-winning kill mockingbird, deals issues .

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