High end cpu's - intel vs amd . this chart comparing high end cpu's is made using thousands of performancetest benchmark results and is updated daily.. Building a gaming pc and want to know if the fx 8350 or the i5 4670k will give me better game recording fps and quicker rendering time.. While all the details here: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/intel-core-i7-3930k-vs-amd-fx-9590 what would you choose tho if your gamer/enthusiast/designer?..

Intel core i5-3570k i7-3770k - Главная, Процессоры intel core i5-3570k и i7-3770k Знакомимся с микроархитектурой ivy bridge. Как мы уже писали, в. Ivy bridge : test des intel core i7 3770k core i5 3570k, Ancien, 3dmark vantage 'en demeure pas moins utile pour évaluer nos différents processeurs. les sandy bridge extreme à coeurs, à savoir les 3960x 3930k. Best processor gaming – cpu 2014, If ’ raw performance, i7-3970x takes cake. 40% increase performance . previous socket 1366.

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